Sautéed bread with cauliflower and brussels sprouts

After days of drooling over the pictures and recipes in Cúrate, which I was given for Christmas, I made the first of what will be many meals from this wonderful book. A humble little vegetable dish, with left-over stale baguette, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and raisins – of course I am never able to make a recipe without some alteration, however small. I added pine nuts to this dish, and forgot the lemon…

I probably would violate copyright if I posted the whole recipe, so I will just list the ingredients, and post my picture of it. You can figure out the implementation! It was outstanding.

Ingredients: raisins, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, bread, garlic, pine nuts (my addition), lemon (I forgot to add this).


Wet in Wellington

New Zealand is beautiful. Even in the rain. It reminds me of Vancouver in many ways – rain, mountains, mountains, water. Landing at Wellington was an experience – the combination of a short runway and high winds made for a few hairy minutes and a bumpy landing. Fortunately we landed at midnight – no scary visuals.

People are so friendly! I only need to pause to look at a map and someone is bound to stop to help with directions. We are staying downtown near the water and within easy walking distance of the Pipitea Campus of Victoria University of Wellington, where we have had meetings for the past two days.

On…Thursday (the International Date Line really messed with my head) L and I explored the downtown and went to the Te Papa Tongawera Museum of New Zealand – a magnificent place!

One area by the water is Civic Square. The Square included the old city library, now a gallery, a new library building, City Council buildings, and open public space with sculptures and bridge to the waterfront. Even in the rain this space is beautiful.

A trip to Hannah’s Lane completed our explorations – this little lane is tucked away and doesn’t invite the visitor in, but rewards the persistent with… chocolate, among other things!

So far, so good. Hoping for better weather though – after all, this is summer in NZ!

Oslo in October


Luciana and I arrived in Oslo early afternoon, desperate for sleep – that imperative could not be ignored. I have to say though that the drive from the airport was beautiful – rolling hills, trees in fall colours, tidy fields, some with rolled hay bales waiting to be gathered… lovely. Very Canadian! Continue reading “Oslo in October”

Paris between meetings

Last week Luciana and I were in Paris for the InterPARES Trust Transnational Team img_0050meetings. We worked hard and the meetings were excellent, but we also managed to find time to do some exploring. The weather couldn’t have been more cooperative – what’s better than Paris on a sunny fall day? Continue reading “Paris between meetings”