Sunny Jaffa

June 24, 2018

Before we said farewell to Israel we had a day in Jaffa and Tel Aviv. You know the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem? It sits at the end of the Jaffa Road that led pilgrims and merchants to Jerusalem from this ancient port city. We were fortunate to spend the day with good friends, one of whom is an eminent authority on the history of the city. First stop – the beach, followed by lunch! Continue reading “Sunny Jaffa”

Sautéed bread with cauliflower and brussels sprouts

After days of drooling over the pictures and recipes in Cúrate, which I was given for Christmas, I made the first of what will be many meals from this wonderful book. A humble little vegetable dish, with left-over stale baguette, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and raisins – of course I am never able to make a recipe without some alteration, however small. I added pine nuts to this dish, and forgot the lemon…

I probably would violate copyright if I posted the whole recipe, so I will just list the ingredients, and post my picture of it. You can figure out the implementation! It was outstanding.

Ingredients: raisins, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, bread, garlic, pine nuts (my addition), lemon (I forgot to add this).