To Reykjavik

July 21-22

Saturday morning – oh my, the breakfast at the Silica Hotel is amazing… and then what else is there but soaking happily in the silky, milky water of the hotel’s pool and stare at the landscape… Basking sharks couldn’t be happier. This is an expensive way to start a holiday, and worth every penny. Or kroner.


Then – Reykjavík. By taxi. Expensive? Well, yes, in a word. But, right to our B and B, with luggage, in the rain. Again, worth it. We are about 5 km from the city centre – walkable.

Late lunch at Nóra (good local beer), wandered the streets of the downtown poking through stores, dinner unfashionably early at 7:30 at Isafold – cured lamb, Arctic char – the two main foods of Iceland – fish and lamb!



The Hallgrímskjirka is a Reykjavík landmark: part of the Evangelical- Lutheran Church of Iceland, its architecture evokes the Icelandic landscape. Named after 17th-century poet and clergyman Hallgrímur Pétursson, consecrated in 1986, it is the largest church in Iceland and one of the tallest buildings.

We visited the National Museum of Iceland and learned about the history of the settlement of Iceland, from The 9th century to the present – great museum!


These are medical instruments – the tool at the top left is for removing the uvula from children (somehow – doesn’t really bear thinking about). The uvula was considered to trap disease and should be removed. Underneath that is a tool to inoculate people from the plague… however much we may complain about the medical system today, we are fortunate.IMG_8588

More pictures here of the Harpa, Icelandic Street Food Restaurant (best place to go for bottomless soup – cheap by Iceland standards and delicious – take if down the street and sit in the craft beer bar to eat), street scenes.

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