Let the adventure begin!

July 19-20

Vacation! Finally! This summer, beat the heat and go to Iceland where they had the coldest May in 100 years, and it seems to have rained every day since. We are ready!

Our plane touched down at 8:30 am and we went directly to the Silica Hotel, part of the Blue Lagoon. What a fabulous way to start the holiday – jet-lagged from an overnight flight, but then straight into the healing waters of the lagoon to soak away stiff muscles and ease the tension of airports and connections.


The lagoon is sea water – salty, but not Dead Sea salty, despite some similarities of appearance (although certainly not climate!). Of course having (foolishly) tasted the Dead Sea, I had to taste the lagoon. I didn’t burn my tongue but almost lost my glasses at one point – do not stretch out to float on your back with glasses on the top of your head… Silica masks, algae masks, and several hours later we returned to the hotel, skin smooth, hair like straw (yes, the silica is good for the skin but hard on the hair!).

The Silica Hotel is an oasis – quiet, beautiful, with its own private hot pools – we’ll try those tomorrow.

Here is the view from our room – but don’t walk on the moss, and watch out with fire – it’s flammable – even though it is raining!


Dinner was delivered from a restaurant in the nearby town – I’m sure the cod had been swimming earlier today.


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