Dead Sea

Eerie, calm, beautiful, misty, salty, hot… the Dead Sea. All my life I have heard about the Dead Sea – how it is the lowest place on land at about 400 metres below sea level, how it is so salty that you can’t sink. It is like an experiential science experiment – how much salt can water hold before crystals form? how much salt is needed in water for a human to bob like a cork?


I only waded, but Giovanni tested the density and floated happily on the surface. He tried to dive under water with no success and nasty results – Dead Sea water is not good for the eyes.

As to salt crystals, they covered the shore, but also formed salt bergs.


Curiosity got the better of good sense and I had to taste the water. Mistake. Not just salty, but a strong chemical burn – yuck! If you have a chance, I advise you not to taste the Dead Sea. However, it is spectacular to look at, and therapeutic (allegedly) to soak in.


More pictures

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