Dogs with a purpose


Dogs love to work, and I love examples of dogs who help people – or other animals for that matter. A story that caught my eye yesterday profiled Charlie and Lucky – a great combination. Lucky inspired Charlie with his great big Lab personality to found a charitable program that supplies service dogs for all sorts of situations. Another great organization that trains dogs for awesome jobs is BC Guide Dogs.


Phoenix comes home October 19 2007

In 2007-2009 I was a puppy raiser and took a guide dog puppy into my home for 16 months until she was ready to go into specialized training.

She came everywhere with me – to work, shopping for groceries, out to restaurants – all to get her ready for her life as a working guide dog. She passed her training, and is now working on Vancouver Island. This past Christmas she came back to stay while her family travelled – it was as if she had never left (although she was better behaved!) She even came back to choir with me. It was time consuming, and it took a lot of patience, plus I had to give her up to go do her job, but was it worth it? Absolutely! There is one more happy working dog in the world, a person who needs her services has greater mobility and independence because of her, and my children and I are immeasurably enriched by the time she spent with us.

Phoenix with the choirPhoenix is working in Victoria now, but spent Christmas, 2012, with us, and fit right back in in the choir loft at Christ Church Cathedral.

2 thoughts on “Dogs with a purpose”

  1. Your photos and your writing are beautifully meshed! You will have quite the treasure hold with time. Your sisters/cousins gathering was full of inspiration for all of you and for me!

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